About Us

We have been designing and implementing large complex infrastructure for many years. We know the pitfalls and the issues that arise in the real-world with IT projects and also know how to avoid them!

We don’t send sales people out to you that promise the world, sales people that have no real-life experience of the technology they sell. You’ll be speaking directly with technical specialists that understand the products and how they best fit your business requirements.

We are a dedicated and passionate bunch who know the difference between a technical design that just works and an elegant design that fits your business needs like a glove.

IT done right is a beautiful thing!

Our Directors

Balbir Dayal

A Virtualization and Infrastructure Architect with extensive experience in the design, implementation and support of global virtualisation, Cloud & Infrastructure Solutions. Acknowledged as a highly focused and committed professional, Balbir has designed and delivered global IT solutions for major international organisations such Fidelity, Man Group, Standard Chartered Bank, Abbey, BNP Paribas and Microsoft.

Carel Maritz

Carel has worked in IT for twenty years with the last eleven being in finance and commodities. Carel is considered a renowned expert in the field of virtualsation and cloud infrastructure and has been twice recognised as a vExpert by VMware. Working in both Engineering and Architecture roles Carel has worked with some large Financial and Commodities organisations to transform their Infrastructure; including Trafigura and Fidelity International.

Bob Densley

Bob has played pivotal roles in the design and build of such prestigious projects as Transport for London’s Oyster and contactless payment system; as well as high-focus internal projects for large and diverse corporations including Citi, Hogarth Worldwide, Euromoney and Fidelity Investments. His breadth of knowledge and experience has given him an enviable reputation in the IT industry as one of the heavyweights of infrastructure.